IN this land orcs have been attacking the Small town of svent near the River of Malsvir. What is going on orcs normally don’t organize into such large groups. Why are they here some 150 miles from Eniniti of ro normal orc lands.

Major events

Jennu Taoul- raided by orcs the party finds and protects a monastery from a large orc raiding party. The party finds a person that only one knows has the cook protecting a little boy. In the end he gives his life for the others to get the boy(gruther) to safely. In side the castle walls they meet a strange man that tells they are in danger has the boy is not just a common boy, but of the royal line and shows the gift of magic something that been missing in the royal line for some 300 years.

The town of oplin is gone destoried by powerfull evil spells the group finds out that they are lucky has now they know someone very powerful is after the kid and is willing to do whatever it takes to kill him. Lucky for their delay of clearing out some undead or they too would have been apart of most likely have been killed. They get guther to safetly of Rilark.

The group is trying to help organize a resistance movement to the council and Jennu Taoul with the help of Sirus mcconnell general of Rilark. They find out that he is sending troops for the council to reclaim a large gold mine that has been taken over by unknown force of kobold.If they can get their first they can claim and funnel the money to the prince resistanace movement. The fight is a very close fight lose to might of the kobold leader.

They are somehow they wake up and find that are in a prison and forced to fight and their by help train orc warriors in combat arena. Where the meet ___ the everychanging(A powerfull caster and know to have at least once completed a spell with similar effects to what destory oplin) knowing this mystic thurage being from oplin used his last in memory magic missile to attack her she just takes it and laughs it off.

The party attempts to regain the freedom for a short time they do, but in the end only the druid makes it to safety. The monk hears a voice he know has that of the cook so the party been about to be captured again the don’t put up a fight. Later the party is freed by the cook and he helps them get to the equipment. The party fights a few orcs and get away the cook fights and dies again to give them time to get their items and get out. They find a planar shift scroll and use it in hope to find the blue merchant they seen ealrier. They buy some items and get back to Rilark.

The party gets goes to attempt to reclaim the mine again. They find goliths under some type of control spell and setuping up for a siege of rilark. They go back to town to find out, it couldn’t have gotten worst the orcs have completed the avatar of the Horde ritual. On top of the large number of orcs the city Rilark is dealing with they having to deal with large number of orges, fire giants, gnolls, Goliath and many more races.

Evils of Land Bound to Darkness

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