Evils of Land Bound to Darkness


Feel free to write you own for exp. I just wanted to have something here for a couple of new players.

The party avoids the orcs and returns to the town to drop the boy off. After to talking to a random soldier and learning that for some reason not much has been going on here in town. Other then the east mines have been overrun by monsters and the general getting a team together to take back the mines. Also trade with the northern gnomes hasn’t been coming in late lately.

Talking with the general the party finds how the wizard council has reduced his forces by 25% to help the main town defend/rebuild also money has been reduced greatly and has such he has little money in reserve to help the cause along. So he lets them know that if they can go ahead of his force to the mines and stake claim by clearing them out. This would allow them to divert money to the prince and help him reclaim his throne. Also along the way they found that a merchant cavern has been hit by orcs and the only survivor is a Halfling rogue. With the lost of all his friends he ask to join the party. So the party moves on and camps for the night not to faraway. During the first watch RATH MULDUL notices some weird. Their seems to be a duplicate of himself walking right towards him. The new rogue realizes this is aleax and is often sent down from a god to kill one that his angry it. Has such is completely immune to all attacks, but those from the victim. So the party helps in other ways the Halfling attempts to tie a rope around the mob. The Halfling somehow with help of fighter gets the rope around and after 3 round as the mob hog tied on the ground. This doesn’t stop it from continue to fire beams from it eyes. This beams are really hurting RATH MULDUL. Right has it gets tied up both beams hit RATH MULDUL. This forces him to use his close Wounds to stay up and kicking. Already have inflicted damage with a fire bolt and one hit with his great sword. He pulls out all the stops and inflicts a major damage with arcane fury kill the aleax. After its death some of the blue energy goes into RATH MULDUL. Granting him +2 perfection bonus to ac, +1 init bonus, +2 wisdom.

The party rest for the night it goes on with out any more encounters. The party gets to mines and the rogue says why don’t I go check it out and stay about a min behind me. The explore a bit find a cleared out mine office and continue on to a point where they find that the mine find a spot where they believe some of the kobolds are getting in. They follow it and comes to a very well done stonework. The rogue waits for the party before moving forward. The fighter in the lead feels a blast of air come out at her, but she do nimble for it and moves forward. After looking the rogue finds and disable the wind trap. They notice that the wind was going though the wall and the rogue looks and almost loses his head has a axe just swings by him. After a couple of tries he able to disable the axe and they look down and don’t see any a bottom. The party moves on and rogue looking for traps sees something strange has he turns around. He notices that he missed something on the door. So he tries to disable the trap, but finds it very hard and on the third try the trap goes off. Sending lightning down the hallway hurting the party. He continues to try and gets it.

Listen RATH MULDUL and party members continue to hear voices and RATH MULDUL believes that they are scared/panic. So in dragonesse his talks to them trying to get them to drop their arms. They response with their god with punish the outsiders. The fighter moves in though the door manages to get hit once with a arrow and sees 4 kobolds she moves and kills one. The party moves into the room with RATH MULDUL being the last he does a whirling blade and finishes off all 4 of the kobolds.

That ends this weeks adventure.



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