Evils of Land Bound to Darkness

evil monks, holy relics, and invisible towers...oh my

After returning back to the elven village we spend some time recovering and then ventured back to finish clearing out the mausoleum. In the first new room we come to we find a beautiful painting of a beautiful elven woman on the ceiling and Rath and I are able to determine that it is likely a portal designed to take whoever passes through it to another location. Realizing there is no way to be sure that it isn’t a one way trip we decide to not try going through. Perhaps once we have teleport and or plane shift abilities we can come back and see if it goes somewhere interesting. As we continue our exploration we find basic rooms to include dining room, kitchen, and a spiral stairwell that leads down. Though I’ve already warded myself with Mage Armor, Jeremy offers to enhance me further and as his spell of heroics is cast I feel the knowledge of using Improved Natural Attack flow into my mind. Eventually we come to a large room with a Zenthri investigating what appears to be a throne. Upon seeing us he walks in our direction and greets us asking what brings us to this crypt. Some fast talking from our Occult Slayer and Ultimate Magus cause him to reveal that he is here hunting for a relic and that we have already killed two of his companions. We come to the realization that he is quite evil and something deep within me feels compelled to stop him but my teachings tell me that he has broken no laws and that the care of good vs. evil should not be my concern. As I’m pondering this the Magus proclaims that the relic that the zenthri has found should be returned to the Wizard’s Council and approaches the Zenthri trying to take it. This provokes the Zenthri into attacking and I realize that though I thought he was a cleric his fighting style looks all to familiar as he launches an unarmed strike which then starts to cause black energy to flow into the Magus weakening him and depleting him of life force. During the conversation I had already conjured the electricity of a shocking grasp into my fist, cast fist of stone, sonic weapon, and mirror image and moved into Rath’s protection from evil circle in case things turned bad but before I could move in for an attack the Slayer and Fighter flank the Zenthri and attack. Our opponent proves himself more than capable launching into a barrage of strikes that leave both of them severely weakened and hurt. Jeremy castes enlarge on the slayer and then hastens the group, while Rathe summons a hammer of clerical energy to smite our foe, which the evil monk/cleric complete evades. Bruce tries launching flames at our foe but misses, and the negative energy sapping both of our primary fighters makes them much less effecitive. The slayer does manage to trip him and launch a successful attack and while he is down I launch a ray of enfeeblement severely hurting his ability to hit us. Jeremy realizing that few of us can penetrate our opponents armor manages to dispel the ring of shielding that the evil monk is using. Rath and Bruce together manage to heal both the fighter and the slayer while Bruce’s wolf, the slayer, and I begin slowly widdling down our opponent. Three shocking grasp enabled strikes later along with several barrages of magic missile and powerful attacks from the slayer and the Monk collapses to his death. A search of his body and the room uncovers a several magic items and a very valuable gem, along with the relic which we give to Rath for further study and safe keeping. My spell list nearly exhausted when the group suggest we go back to town and try to do something about the negative energy impact that 3 of our group suffer from I agree completely.
With the assistance of Rath, those in the group who needed it were able to overcome the negative energy attacks and after a day of rest we return to the graveyard hopping to finish off this threat. To our surprise we find that the only thing left is treasure rooms. After more dealings with our purple magic item crafter/sales person we move to the first cache on the map. There we find several MW crafted sets of armor and weapons before moving towards the next cache.
Enroute we find an invisible tower and after some exploration find an unlocked door and let ourselves in. On the second floor we find a very well equipped library and magic lab with a door leading to somewhere. When I approached the door two columns shape themselves into golems and move as if to block my path. Deciding that we don’t need a fight we decide to leave the tower after calling loudly and leaving a note to try to get the attention of anyone behind that door. Before we get to the next cache we stop at an elven village that Rath and Bruce are familiar with and there the village elders are able to tell us about a 900 year old wizard known as Amok who was doing research to lessen the impact of the negative material plane on our world. But he hasn’t been seen or heard of in hundreds of years. Realizing that either he may be in trouble or dead we decide that we should go back to the tower and investigate further. If he is in trouble I would very much like to help him, it feels like the right thing to do. Also I am sure there is so much he can teach me. If unfortunately he has died in his research, there is an entire magic tower that needs a new wizard to call it home….



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