Evils of Land Bound to Darkness

Graveyard anyone?

With thoughts of how I intend to incorporate my new circlet to further enhance blend between martial and arcane disciplines, I finish my meal trying to seek peace and tranquility and quiet the ever raging chaos going on just below the surface. All the deep breathing and meditation in the world will only take you so far so when Alanna asks me if I’m interested in taking a walk after dinner I’m happy to go after her. Along the way perhaps because her boredom is getting the better of her she stops a street urchin and shows him a gold coin in hopes of bating him into giving her information. Seeing her intent and realizing that is probably more money than that kid has ever seen at one time I try to grab it and replace it with a silver making a mental note to give her the coin back along with a lesson on how t not upset local economies or get boys in trouble for coming home with ludicrous stories and getting accused and likely beaten for stealing, or have said little boy go off and get into all kinds of trouble that he could never have afforded previously, or have fathers going off to spend a night in a bar or worse after taking a little kids gold coin. Being faster than me she quickly gets her coin back and gives me a glare that says mind my own business and askes the kid if there is anything odd going on in town, anything interesting to do, or anything worthy of her time. At the question I quickly expect him to prattle on for minutes about things that a kid would find interesting, wasting both her time and her gold coin, but instead he mentions the possibility that the local cemetery might be haunted. Thanking him for the information she gives him the gold and we return to the inn. She fills the rest of the group in on what she finds out and we put to a vote whether its worth checking out or if we need to proceed on our mission. Thanks to the addition of two new people to our group, (a very unlikely pair including a spellcaster who after talking with I learn that he is working on mastering the art of combining sorcerous and wizard magic and a fighter type whose distrust for magic users borders on passion, obsession, or hatred and gives me the feeling that I might want to watch my back), the vote looks like we may be going to the graveyard. In order to make sure we aren’t wasting our time Alana takes a trip out there that night and comes back to report that it is as eerie as we heard and confirms that the side mission is more than just kids rumors. I really don’t mind, even the few days I’ve been here the boredom has started to set in, and while discussing the eerie fog with the village historian and the other casters and learning that the book of Corellon might have more information on the last time the fog was here but that he didn’t have the book and suggested that there might be one in the city, has kept my mind busy, along with pouring over scrolls, I have felt a pull to be physically doing something. The one moment where my amusement overcame my boredom was when I watched the magus try to hustle a master merchant whose career involved creating and selling magical gear. And to my amusement he managed to convince the fellow to give him a wand and several curative potions at cost. He definitely has a gift of persuasion.
Once we arrive at the graveyard we find a beautiful elven woman playing a hand held harp and she greets us and asks why we are in the cemetery. We tell her that we have heard rumors about strange things going on here and she assures us that that is not the case. She tells us that she is here to honor the dead and that aside from a few skeletons that she has killed, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. We thank her for the information and proceed to investigate the crypt she told us that the skeletons came from. After hours of searching we find a lever that drains the water out of a pool and reveals a stairway down. At the bottom of the stairs we find a laboratory and paths off to the right and left. Upon taking the left path we find a plaque that says here lies the betrayed and once we go into the room to further investigate we run into some kind of guardian zombie.
Showing no fear Alana runs into the room sword but her strike misses. The mage slayer is into the room right behind her and his flail strikes the monster getting its attention. Already covered in Mage Armor and Death Armor, I move in and use my circlet to swiftly cast Combust and deliver a mighty blow and the Zombie ignites in flames. As magic missiles and other damaging spells come flying into the room from Rath and our Magus I think this fight will end quickly. At the moment the Zombie strikes both the Mage Slayer and I with devastating blows causing both damage and diminishing our strength. After receiving three such strikes I feel so weak and hurt that I consider retreating to the back and hoping my range spells are powerful enough to help bring him down. Thankfully Rath sees my predicament and castes two healing spells keeping me in the fight enabling me add corrosive grasp to my attacks and continue hammering into him. The Magus fires at the zombie weakening him greatly, covers the ground at its feet and uses a web to entangle him with the wall, thus making him a much easier and less lethal target and together the group is able to destroy it. A casting of lesser restoration from both Bruce and Rath help elevate the Mage Slayer and I from the ranks of pathetic weakling to perhaps commoner. As the group opens the next door and we see two metallic appearing golems, I tell the group that I have range spells left but that if we decided to retreat and come back here more prepared and healed up I wouldn’t think any less of the group. Heeding my advice we all agree to leave the crypt all but one of us quickly fall under the sway of enticing music entrancing us once we get back upstairs.
The Mageslayer is able to shrug off the effect and moves to attack the singing woman but before he can act she puts him under the effect of a suggestion that he shouldn’t attack her but instead leave her alone. As we all stand helpless she moves to the Magus the one of us she feels is most appetizing and starts draining his charisma. I snap out of my trance, use my circlet to summon a blade of force and launch magic missiles at her. Stealing his life essence causes the Magus to wake up from his trance and sees that the rest of the group is helpless so he moves away from her putting us all in his blast area and cast a weakened burning hands. She manages to pull more of his essence as he moves away but the flames manage to wake everyone in the group. While incredibly deadly when taking the life force form one person at a time the apparition is horribly overwhelmed as we all surround her flanking her from four sides. As she begins to start another song, Rath casts silence on himself and while this does prevent the rest of us from casting spells, it cripples her abilities and between Rath’s and Alana’s sword work, the Slayers flail, and my enspelled strikes, she is quickly destroyed, leaving nothing behind.
After we retire back to the village we heal our wounds, and Rath and Alana purchase a rod of bodily restoration (cost is 3100, I think we may have assumed an incorrect purchase price of 5100), and between the rod healing the slayer and I of our strength damage and Rath and Bruce healing the Magus of his charisma damage in two days we are ready to go back into the fray. I am able to tell the group that the metallic golems we will be facing are immune to all magic but that the armor that is fused to them in their construction is fullplate and very vulnerable to rust. The Wizard realizing his offensive spells will be useless he instead turns to augmenting the rest of the group. He casts enlarge on Alana, the Slayer and I, and enables each of us to temporarily retain and use a unique fighter ability. As knowledge of weapon specialization settles my mind, and Bruce casts bull’s strength on both me and Alana, we charge into the room to face our foes. I decide to grapple one of the large golems to enable the rest of the group to kill the other as quickly as possible. After landing a solid blow I use my scorpian’s strike to pull it into a grapple but fail to do any further damage. It then manages to escape my grapple and land a mighty blow on me. In return I launch back in and this time grapple it and entangle it into a pin where I hold it helpless, powerless to escape and slowly do damage to it. While I’m keeping my foe busy, the wizard has used a net to make the other golem easier to hit, and the slayer after three attempts has tripped it onto the ground and sundered its armor, making it even easier prey. The rest of the group quickly destroy him then turn to the golem that I am facing. I release it from the pin I had been maintaining and we are able to finish him off as well. Behind the golems we find a door, and in the room we find two gems worth 5,000 gold each, a headband, a rod, and a robe, each of which emanate magic to those of us able to detect it.

Added by the DM.
each person gets 3292 gold from the below items and the two 5000 gems.

Price (Item Level): 2,000 gp (6th)
Body Slot: Head
Caster Level: 6th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) transmutation
Activation: Immediate (mental)
Weight: —
The front of this delicate golden headband is set
with an array of three matched tiger’s-eye gems
that seem to glow with inner fire.
While wearing a headband of conscious effort,
you can attempt a Concentration check instead of a required Fortitude saving
throw once per day.
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
Combat Casting, bears endurance.


Price (Item Level): 6,500 gp (10th)
Body Slot: Body
Caster Level: 7th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 18) evocation
Activation: Immediate (command)
Weight: 2 lb.
An image of a solar eclipse with a blazing
corona can be seen on the back of this heavy
red robe.
A robe of retaliation allows you to react
to attacks with a burst of magical
power. If you are struck by a creature
wielding a melee weapon or a natural
weapon, you can activate the robe and
sacrifice an arcane spell of 1st level or
higher to deal damage to your attacker
equal to ld6 points per level of the spell
sacrificed. This ability functions three
times per day.
Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item,
fire shield.
Cost to Create: 3,250 gp, 260 XP, 7 days

Price (Item Level): 10,000 gp (12th)
Body Slot: — (held)
Caster Level: 10th
Aura: Moderate; (DC 20) evocation
Activation: —
Weight: 3 lb.
Rod of sure striking
Rod of reversal
This metal rod is fashioned to resem­
ble a stack of miniature skulls.
While holding a rod of undead
mastery, you can control twice as
many Hit Dice of undead as you
normally could. For instance,
if you can normally control 12
HD of undead, you can control
24 HD of undead while holding
the rod.
Prerequisites: Craft Rod,
Cost to Create: 5,000 gp, 400



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