Evils of Land Bound to Darkness


I’m putting this hear because I don’t know if anyone will go to the comments section looking for it. This is just a cut and paste of the email I sent to the group.

Hello all,
Its possible I copied down emails wrong so please respond to this and let me know you got it. Also feel free to tell me what items you want. I will also post it on the website.
If we sold everything each person would get a 16953 gp share.

The number off to the side is what each item would be worth if we sold it. Now we have to figure out how we are going to really divy everything up.

The group found:
500 gold (divide evenly)
2 gems worth 100 gold each (divide evenly)
4 doses of centipede poison (I will hold until DM tells us how much we can get for this or the right situation arises where we figure out how to “properly” use it.)
armor worth 500 gp (divide evenly)

Magic Items
4 2 Chainshirts (worth 2125 each)
2 +2 sets of Fullplate (worth 2825 each)
6 +2 Great Axes (worth 4160 each)
2 Pair of Slippers of Springing and Jumping +10 speed and +5 jump (worth 2750 each)
4 +2 Rings of Protection (worth 4000 each) (likely each one of us would take one)
1 Belt of Health (
2 Con) (worth 2000)
1 Amulet of Natural Armor (+2 AC) (worth 4000)

I am interested in a ring. Steven confirmed that you cannot transfer an enchantment from one item to another so I remove my request for any of the axes and and since I already have an amulet I’d like the belt of health. I think Kyle needs the slippers of springing and jumping. I’m not “taking” the things I said I’m interested in, I know this isn’t first come first serve. Once I hear everyone’s preferences, if more people want things than we have things to split, we can roll for it next time we are all there.




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