Evils of Land Bound to Darkness

Red Dragon…no problem

As our party continued its exploration of the mines, we encountered a door with a riddle written in ancient drarven. Rathe and Reagor were able to puzzle out the words and along with Bruce the group is able to figure out that it is a message possibly explaining how to deal with something we may soon encounter. As we continue we find a flame blocking our path. Rathe wards himself with a protection from fire spell and walks through but the fire still burns him and he feels it continuing to burn him no matter what protections or healing spells he tries. Realizing that this is what the message on the door was trying to warn us against, I follow the instructions, by pushing my dagger into the flame and slicing it across my palm. At that all the fire funnels from the pathway into the dagger then into my palm burning me with living flame but the continuing fire that was surrounding Rathe fades as well. Rathe is able to heal himself but he can’t heal me. I focus in concentration and realize that this wasn’t just a flame trap but some kind of living flame and realize that it is going to take some research to figure out how to heal myself of this wound. As we pass through the pathway the fire reignites behind us.

As we continue we encounter a dwarven statue and after searching the area we are pretty sure that it is going to animate once we pass by it but we have to continue our search and just as we expected it animates and tries to destroy us. The three of us are able to deal with the animated statue and with its destruction send the ancient dwarven spirit that was powering it back to its resting place. As it crumbles to ashes a whole underneath reveals a path. The group lowers me down on a rope and I realize that this is the way we need to go. I place hand and foot holds and knot the rope to help the others make the climb but unfortunately Rathe falls several stories down and has to heal himself before we can continue.

After exploring a few more rooms we find a room protected by two monsters of force. This encounter proves difficult as each time we try to enter the room to deal with the they blast us with a concussive wave either knocking us from the room or knocking us into a wall. Finally we are able to destroy both monsters and enter the doorway that they were guarding.

Here we find nine puzzle rooms each yielding 1000 gold as we solve the puzzles. The 10th room is much more difficult. It takes all of our combined brain power and Bruce is the hero of the day who finally figures out the last piece of the puzzle and as we solve the puzzle we find a large treasure.

From there we retrace our footsteps and continue to explore. We find a path that leads us to hundreds of kobalds and realize that we have to deal with them to properly claim the mines but we need to rest and regain our spells before trying to take on so many. As we explore the last path we encounter a red dragon that the kobalds have been worshipping. Rushing into the fray before we can talk ourselves out of it we charge the dragon. Bruce tries to polymorph it into something harmless but it shakes off the effects so Rathe dispells several of its magical protections and both he and I rob it of a great deal of its strength. We follow this up with massive attacks, hurting it badly. As we surround it, it realizes that it is outmatched and takes flight and runs away rather than face its death. From here we catalogue our treasure(s), and decide to rest and plan how to best deal with those kobalds with the time we have left before the army or the wizards get to the mine.

Reagor Personal actions:
Greater Mighty Wallup (last through all encounters), Corrosive Grasp and Chill Touch (one touch per level each, lasts through all three encounters), Shocking Grasp (draven statue only)
Ray of Enfeeblement x2 (force monster, dragon)
Haste, Mirror Image, Sound Lance (dragon)
Gave Rathe a Scroll of Haste to add to his spellbook.



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