Jennu Taoul

Jennu Taoul- is major Human capital in the region it main resource is lumber and its portals. Their are two portals in the region one to Rilark and another to whedab Forest. The Whedab forest one every old and is used rarely and as of the last 100 years become more and more unstable it now will open to any place in the forest. The Rilark is the main portal and so all trade goes though rilark to Jennu Taoul.

Size: 30,000 people
Resources: magically training and goods and lumber are it two main resources.

The Magic guild the Wizards Tower in the city controls most of the activies. Some say your business has the backing of the magic guild or you don’t have a business in the city. This is because during the war 200 years ago with Molmonsorera the king was killed by a wizard from Molmonsorera. The young prince being gifted with magic and school by the Wizard Tower guild he basically became a puppet king for them and the have taking control from King royal line, which has little real power in the land. The current King is Marcus McLargo.

Magical Laws. The kingdom has a bad view of arance arts outside of Jennu Taoul and have setup some very harsh.

Jennu Taoul

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