Magicial Laws

Arcance Arts Colleges of Jennu Taoul. In this land all children with the magical gift are rounded up for training/ in Jennu Taoul. This is a mixed blessing for parents has their kids will get a eduction and parents are give 50-100 gold depending on which type of college they end up at.

Their are some pluses to this
int/cha is in 11-13 range you most likely went to a minor college and though this has afforded you training for 1 extra spell in your spell book or one extra spell known for first level.
14-16 known college. Gives you the ability to cast one additional first level spell a day.
17-18. You are a member of the Wizard Tower has such would have a liking rules and the power it offers to its members. You gain Knowlege Nobility with ranks equal to your level +3. Also gain one extra metamagic note energy sub feat can be selected has this bonus feat.

Note you can always choice a lower option if you wish.

Magicial item sales are taxed 20% outside of Jennu Taoul. Most of the time shops split the lost with customer charging extra 10%.

Divine and other magics are not taxed or enforced into training.

Wanted Dead or live.
Mari Vals-Leader of Cult Of Molmonsorera. A Cult of wizards that hide some wizard/sorc from the Jennu taoul and has done a few acts of destruction in both Rilark and Jennu Taoul. Has been trying to start civil war with Jennu Taoul.
Larry Ut- Cleric of Nerull and has started a few churchs in each of the major cities in the region. Though many have been found and destoried. Also he has started rites of blood within the cults.

Magicial Laws

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