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Jennu Taoul-Capital of Lands of Humans
Molmonsorera-Is the home land of the Humans farming lands. They where subugated by humans of Jennu Taoul some 200 years ago.
[[Niarhaanin]-Major North flowing river.
River of Malsvir- major South Flowing river.
Ossalur-Major trading town on the river Niarhaanin
Creolnali-Major trading town on the River of Malsvir]].
oplin-Small trading town
xiiva- Small trading town on the last waterway stop to Rilark.
Rilark-Large human city
Whedab Forest- Large untamed wilderness.
Malsvir caesini-Swapland where many of the evil races have been forced to live.
Eninti of ro- Is a major orc lands in the region.
WellYork-Small trading/militery post from on the River of Malsvir that borders Malsvir Caesini. Also where the characters are starting.

Magicial Laws

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Lesser Races


Feats-These feats are feats that the party has learned about and can now be trained when the character levels or builds a new character.

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